Pet Travelling

mayur November 16, 2018

With vacation season upon us, it’s time to make those fun getaway plans for the whole family, including your furry best friend. We’re all keeping an eye on our finances these days and looking for ways to stretch our dollars. It can be a bit more challenging to make pet travel more economical when considering […]

mayur October 19, 2018

There are approximately 180 million age 55+ travelers in the U.S. Their mounting numbers paired with their massive financial muscle and availability of free time make them a very lucrative market for the U.S. travel industry. The average spending by mature travelers on their last adventure travel vacation was $1,300 compared to $950 for travelers […]

mayur September 7, 2018

You have the suitcase packed. The pet carrier is in the car. The travel arrangements have been made. Everything is in place for the perfect family vacation – all except for one thing. That is, protecting your pet with insurance; pet travel is just as risky as human travel and your pet is just as […]